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Race – Warforged

Class – Invoker

Age – Unkonwn

Religion – Ioun

Family – Unknown

Wiki –

Back story

Created by Merrix to serve as a warrior during the “Last War”. Noonien was fighting in Cyran when a blinding aura of magic descended from the sky and the ground burst into flames. Noonien woke in a smoldering field of what used to be Cyran. The magical blast had left Noonien unable to speak and void of all past knowledge and memory. Unable to communicate, Noonien wondered aimlessly through the countryside avoiding contact by hiding in the alleys of villages and the under bellies of ships.

Ioun Monks

One day a group of Ioun monks found Noonien in a field staring blankly at a tree. The monks took Noonien in, repaired his beaten forge body, and began teaching him the ways of the world. Noonien took to the teaching quickly, and over years of schooling became one of the the monks’ most knowledgeable invoker.

There came a point in which Noonien had absorbed all knowledge the monks could give. It was that day the monks gave Noonien the last bit of knowledge they had, the history of the warforged.

The monks explained to Noonien how Merrix created warforged ,like himself, for the sole purpose of enslavement, and even though the warforged were capable of feeling emotions they where to be treated as nothing more then a commodity.

Enraged, Noonien vowed to destroy all known forges and to punish those who create life just to enslave it.

Noonien’s Revenge

With revenge on his mind Noonien seeked information on the location of all functioning forges. The Ioun monks were able to give Noonien information on two functional forges.

The first was a forge being used by rouge Warforged named “Lord of Blads”. The exactly location is unknown at this time, but it is believed that the Lord of Blads is using the forge to create his own army.

The second forge is said to be run buy the grandson of Merrix. The reason for this forge is unknown, but it is believed to be located near the Barony of Dracmont

Current Quest

With the knowledge of the forge near the Barony of Dracmount, Noonien left the monks. Using his seek rumor ritual and praying to the Ioun god Noonien stumbled upon a bar called The Thirsty Ogre. It was here where an agent of the grandson of Merrix was rumored to be seen.

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