Miles Tone

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Race – Human

Class – Bard

Age – 32

Religion – Alcohol

Band Mates – Dead

Wiki –

Born into a farm family, Miles Tone hated manual labor and always knew that he was destined for something more than working in dirt. Miles knew he was destined to be the Greatest Bard in the World. At the age of fifteen, Miles left home to pursue the limelight and a name that would be known across the lands. He started his first band, Miles Tone and The Tone Deafs and as the name suggests, the band had little to no success. Not one to be rest on his laurels, Miles continued to try, but each attempt met with the same result.
With each failure, Miles became a bit more disillusioned with his destiny. After five years of failure, Miles took drastic action.
At the darkest hour with the full moon out, Miles began a ritual. He summoned the demon Nergaarth and offered a deal, his soul for a 10-year contract; signed and bound in blood.
After that night Miles started a new band, Miles Tone and The Owlbears. His fame grew almost overnight. Miles was loved for his catchy hooks, his comforting rhythms and his compellingly enchanting lyrics. As Miles’ fame grew, as did that of the rest of the band.
For 10 years, Miles was renowned throughout the land. The Owlbears played for kings and killers, for princes and pauper and everyone in between. They rocked full houses at the dankest taverns to packed rooms in castles. Women threw themselves at Miles and he lived the rock-star life. Miles had finally accomplished what he knew he was destined for. He was the greatest bard in the world.
At the tenth year of his fame, things started to go downhill. To the very day of that fateful night many years ago, Miles Tone and The OWlbears were playing in The Grand Ballroom in Silvershore, when the unthinkable happened. The Owlbears drummer, Thaddeus Von Thaddeus died when a drunk sorcerer, in the crowd, slipped and fell and his wand accidentally went off, shooting and exploding Thaddeus Von Thaddeus halfway through The Owlbears concert.
Miles, torn by grief, ended the Owlbears that night. There was no band without their drummer. However, Miles knew that he could start a solo career that would be just as good as The Owlbears.
Miles awoke one morning to find the demon Nergaarth standing at his bedside. Miles knew that this was the end of his life and with a quick distraction, slipped out of the window. Miles’ followed the advice of ‘if the demon can’t find you, he can’t collect his dues.’ So, he did what all good bards do, he went on the run.
Two years have past since the untimely death of Thaddeus Von Thaddeus and the end of The Owlbears. Miles has been on the move ever since that night. A different venue and a different city each night. Every set Miles played, he was booed at. All of his classic songs were met with disdain from the crowd. With his falling crowd reaction, Miles Tone faded into obscurity.
Miles accomplished his dream and lost it, but he knows he can become the Greatest Bard in the World again. He’s spent the past two years searching for more power. Miles knows his soul is fallen and he needs to get stronger to beat Nergaarth, he also needs to regain his lost fame. Miles knows that the his story could be the greatest ballad ever if he can finish it as he wants. Miles Tone is in the The Barony of Dracmont for a few shows at the Thirsty Ogre playing songs for the crowd’s disdain

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