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Race – Dwarf

Class – Battlemind

Age – Unkonwn

Religion – Alcohol

Family – Missing

Wiki –


Thoradin was born into slavery. All he’s ever known were the cold walls of a mine and the rare “camping trip” after the slavers had picked it clean and were on the move. His mother and father we both captured before he was even born. Thoradin never could get a straight story out of them but what he gathered was that they used to be merchants. Traveling from place to place and selling goods. Until the day they ran across Raymen Deel. At some point he nabbed them both and added them to his growing group of slaves.

Rayman Deel

Raymen Deel was a Deva and “god”. Or at least that’s what he demanded every slave address him as. He would go on about how being an “indentured servant” was the only way to obtain true enlightenment. Most of the slaves believed this and so did Thoradin. But things would change and Throradin’s life would never be the same.

Derpin Herp

Along with the many salves was a very old man named Derpin Herp. He was “a crazy man” to most but to Thoradin he was his only friend. You see there weren’t many other young’ins around and the ones that were didn’t care to play with Thoradin. He would always win at the games or spoil the punch line of the joke or tell some nugget of truth he shouldn’t have known. He was what Derpin called “Gifted”.


Derpin would meet with Thoradin and teach him about the world he thought he’d never see. About the stars, about earth, and about his gift. He taught him how to use his abilities to teleport short distances and to move objects without touching them. Along with those skills he also learned how to wield an axe, albeit with a pickaxe instead of a real one. After a time a faint glow began to emit from Thoradin’s head. So Derpin finally taught him one very important lesson.
While they were alone during one of their lessons, Derpin told Thoradin to watch. In an instant the cavern was bathed in light and as Thoradin’s eyes adjusted he saw that the light was emanating from Derpin. A very brilliant white halo was sat atop Derpin’s head. “I can teach you how to hide this.”

The Event

Years past and Thoradin grew in knowledge and strength. Until one day Thoradin heard the screams coming from where his parents were sleeping. He snuck by the opening and saw that his father being beaten and mother yelling. Rayman Deel was laughing as his first in command was hitting his father.
A fury boiled in Thoradin like he’d never felt before. Everything went white and when Thoradin finally got his bearings, he was outside of the cave and a great commotion was stirring in there. Knowing he couldn’t go back he did what he could. He ran.

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