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Race – Shardmind

Class – Ardent

Age – Unkonwn

Religion – Puppy

Family – N/A

Wiki –

Shardminds have no gender, they take a humanoid form of their own desire. Erishti has been fascinated by humanoid females in its most recent history, and as such has taken the rough form of one. Erishti is a follower of one of the three Shardmind sects known as, Shard Slayer. Followers of this sect believe that if a Shardmind dies, its animating life force returns to the site of the Living Gate, shoring up the defense against the Far Realm. Therefore, the only solution that makes sense is to kill other Shardminds, usually from opposing sects. This makes Erishti evil in the sense that it will stop at nothing to kill another Shardmind when presented with the opportunity, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that its demeanor is inherently evil towards those who are not Shardminds.

Recently Erishti has been the target of another Shard Slayer named Bashanu. Bashanu–in the form of a male–is a stronger, full Psion Shardmind (unlike Erishti who is an Ardent). It failed to kill Erishti fairly recently. Because of this, Erishti decided to flee to the cities of the humanoids in hopes that its Shardmind rival, Bashanu would tire of pursuit, and ultimately return to seeking out the Shardminds of the other sects. Escaping Bashanu’s more advanced powers of certain psionic doom, and wandering through a nameless desert, Erishti happened upon a Dwarven precious stones mining operation near the coast. Using its unnatural stealth and teleporting abilities, Erishti stowed away onboard a Dwarven trading ship. The crew was none the wiser, as Erishti deformed and hid in plain site as a crate of precious stones. All the while, Erishti became infatuated with understanding the humor of one of the crewers. Farin Kne’Slappa was the toast of the ship with his jokes, good natured pranks and comical mischief. Erishti hoped it would one day, through humanoid interaction, understand Farin’s exploits enough to emulate him.

After about a month of sailing, the ship arrived at its final destination, The Barony of Dracmont. Stealthfully, Erishti reformed its stony, yet sexy, female appearence and came ashore. Being intrinsically curious about the humanoid races and culture, it immediately found what it determined to be the closest place of social interaction, The Thirsy Ogre. Shardminds interacting in the civilized areas of humanoid populations isn’t woefully unheard of, its presence doesn’t draw an inordinant amount of attention beyond it being an immortal living construct. However, for Erishti, this is completely new territory. Erishti knows little of humanoid culture, interaction or values to say nothing about the humor displayed by Farin during the voyage. It dawns the human sounding namesake “Sandy Cooters,” and adopts the definition of being referred to as a “she” for the time being. The trip to this local pub should prove to be a fascinating social experiment and experience for her, perhaps in more ways that Erishti expects.

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