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Race – Drow

Class – Barbarian

Age – Unkonwn

Religion – None

Family – Dead

Wiki – http://wiki.20sideddeath.com/index.php/T’Zat

T’Zat is a barbarian from a small enclave of dark elves, commonly called Drow, that sought reconciliation with Corellon and the surface elves. Formerly a bouncer and stablehand at the Thirsty Ogre, T’Zat has recently taken up with a rag-tag group of adventurers.

T’Zat aspires to a life of adventuring, seeking the strength that will allow him to free Morwen, the mysterious Eladrin beauty that has captured his savage heart.


Early Life

As a young Drow, T’Zat lived in a small, peaceful village in the Upperdark. His clan had forsaken Llolth and traveled near to the surface with a mission of reconciliation with the Eladrin and Elves of the surface. For many years, they lived in peace, farming the cave mushrooms and maintaining a small herd of Deep Rothe.
Unfortunately for his clan, a band of Duergar raiders happened to locate his village. In the middle of the night, when everyone was sleeping, they invaded the camp. Everyone that T’Zat knew was either killed in the fight, or captured and sold into slavery. Covered in his mother and sister’s blood, T’Zat played dead, and the Duergar left him alone in the underdark with nothing but his piwafwi and his tears.

Solitude and Captivity

T’Zat spent the next few years wandering alone, eventually finding his way to the surface. He found the surface to be a dangerous place, and tried to stay as far from civilization as he could.
After a few years, he encountered by chance a caravan of Human slavers traveling across the wild. He caught a glimpse of a beautiful Eladrin maiden chained in one of the wagons. T’Zat fell deeply in love, and attempted to sneak into the camp and free her.
He was captured with minimal effort, and placed into chains. Teasing him for his ineptitude, they stuffed him in the wagon next to the Eladrin maiden. They called her Morwen. T’Zat promised her that he would set her free so they could live happily ever after together. The woman promptly burst into tears. After many weeks of mocking and beatings, the caravan arrived at a huge city, dark and foreboding. T’Zat and Morwen were sold as slaves to a Tiefling prince, Prince Kemal of the City-State of Ukrob.


T’Zat toiled in the prince’s fields as a laborer for months, until a group of armed guards came out to the fields as he was working, and presented him with an opportunity. The Prince had recently lost his most prized gladiator in a tragic accident, and needed an immediate replacement for a fight the next day. He agreed, and the next day in the ring he channeled all of his rage into a single strike that tore his opponent in two. This was doubly impressive as T’Zat had been fighting with a simple wooden club. He was immediately a hero, and from then on was allowed to train and fight in the arena as often as he liked.
T’Zat never stopped thinking about Morwen. He had never even heard her speak, as she was so despondent about her captivity. One day, a group of strange travelers came to the city. They were constructs made from enchanted metal and wood. On a wagon, they had a large construct that they called the Champion of Blads. They offered the prince 10,000 gold pieces if his best gladiator could defeat their champion.
Prince Kemal accepted, and the fight was scheduled for the next day, which was declared a day of rest and festivity so all could attend. Due to security concerns, the most experienced guards were posted to guard the Champion, and T’Zat’s guards had been replaced by fresh recruits. Seizing the opportunity, T’Zat slew them effortlessly and disappeared into the city. He navigated through the sewers until he found an outlet into a nearby river, then floated downstream for several days until he was deep in the wilderness.

Freedom Fighter

After wandering in the wilds for several months, T’Zat found his way back to the farms and estates on the outskirts of the city. He hatched a plan to form a slave rebellion and free Morwen, his future bride. Unfortunately for T’Zat, every slave that he freed was so afraid that they ran straight back to their masters, and it wasn’t long before a battalion of the city guard was sent out to track him down.
Against such impossible odds, T’Zat fled for his life. After months of flight, T’Zat boarded a ship bound for Silvershore. Fed up with fleeing, he made a deal with the owner of the Thirsty Ogre Pub to work in the stables, in exchange for room and board. T’Zat has travelled far, but his former master and the other nobles of the city still send bounty hunters, assassins, and the odd demon to capture or kill him.

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